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Since my earliest childhood, raised in a family of 7 as the middle child of 5 siblings, I remember that my dad was mostly at home. He did not go out of the house like other dads early in the morning to work. He worked at home in his studio. He was a painter with body and soul.
Every day we were surrounded by pictures, paints, brushes and other painting utensils. Every Sunday we met in the studio to hold a "Wochenschau". I stood in awe admiring the finished pictures and the beginnings of new works. In addition, background music, mostly jazz from turntables would be playing. Even today, when I think about it, I remember the sounds, the fragrance and the unique atmosphere in the studio and around the paintings ...
Only later did I, as a son, risk my own pictures. And today I think and feel that one or the other painting is quite well done.
But make yourself a picture. Immerse yourself in the world of Galerie Rusch, follow the traces of pain, open your heart and let yourself be inspired.

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