art painter, musican 1964

"In my paintings, mostly mixed media in oil, using acrylic or synthetic resin paints, on canvas or wood, I turn my innermost outward. I express my feelings from the depths of my subconscious. Planless but spontaneous, emotionally charged, full of energy and heart I approach the pictures. I enter into an inner dialogue with myself, the current mood, my life, my feelings and then, through the process of "getting in, trusting, letting go" into a trance-like flow. Every emotion registers mercilessly in a natural intensity, layer after layer superimpose the individual phases and thus creates impressive works with great depth, power, energy and an immediate freshness. I rarely treat the painting background with care. In a fast-paced and intense release of emotions, sensations, excitement from the depths, my soul comes to a sense of floating, where time seems to stand still and everything around me seems to be unimportant... "

Mathias Rusch Jazz

and this creative process lasts until there is nothing left, the flow of energy ends, creation makes itself wide and I feel that the superimposed layers, messages, colours, brush strokes or strokes have condensed, presenting themselves as a unity to me, as a whole piece. Then I turn away from the painting! "

Painting and music – I’ve played the trumpet since I was 10 years old, I am leader of my own band, – both are very similar, when it comes to energy flow and improvisation.
That's why I devote myself to the theme of colour tones.