art painter, 1927-2003

"We humans always want the biggest, the best, want to hop from peak to peak. We are like trapeze stylists, doing the most daring jumps and hoping not to fall. But we also have to be able to fall - on Christ. This requires a kind of primal trust. I think that love and
Trust are the most important thing in our lives and not the daring leaps that the audience applauds. "
The prophet is little in his own country. Who knows the painter Mathias Rusch? Who knows about his pictures? - Full of energy and painted from the deepest faith. At the time exhibited in Paris, London, New Orleans and other world cities.

As the art historian Stefan Paradowski put it, "For Mathias Rusch, painting is a form of breathing, producing images is his life, he drifted around the world, traveling and studying to widen his horizons. Returning to the provinces with the sharpened gaze and the sensitive soul of an earthly citizen, he decided just to paint, and to paint, and how!” Paradowski also speaks of "native art in pure culture" ...
Get to know Mathias Rusch personally in his pictures. Here are the works of a man whose family, his faith and his painting were more important than anything else.
Enjoy your very own gallery visit. Online now, and then directly on site in the gallery Rusch on the Alpenblickstrasse 7 in Lachen am See. For, like any good art that comes from the heart, Mathias Rusch's works also live directly on the authenticity and the tangible energy of the original.